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The importance of greening

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  1.The importance of conservation and management of landscaping

  "Three points of cultivation, seven points of cultivation", garden greening maintenance is an important content of urban garden construction。Landscaping can not only improve the urban environment, but also promote the sustainable development of social economy。Landscaping maintenance management is an important measure to improve the effect of urban landscaping maintenance. Landscaping maintenance management is a professional and technical work。The conservation and management of landscape greening must adopt scientific conservation and management methods, which is the main means to improve the effect of landscape greening。How to make the garden green space continue to play a role, green space conservation management is the key。


  2.Problems in the maintenance and management of landscape greening

  (1) Insufficient innovation in maintenance work

  There are few engineers in landscaping maintenance management enterprises, and the professional quality of the maintenance management personnel who actually participate in the work needs to be improved。At present, in the construction of landscaping, the conservation measures adopted are relatively single and simple, and the technical content is low, so it does not play a role in application。Generally speaking, the professional level of conservation management personnel is low, the awareness of landscaping is not enough, and the technical training and learning about landscaping are less, which is a major factor leading to the overall low quality of business。In this context, the maintenance efficiency is relatively low, and the maintenance requirements put forward by the regulatory unit cannot be well understood, so that the problems can not be solved in time。

  (2) The management level needs to be improved

  In recent years, although the quality of residents has generally improved, from the point of view of other cities and counties, it is still at a low level. Therefore, in the construction of landscape greening, the low level of green management is a very important problem。Urban landscaping management work done.There is also a lack of professional and technical personnel and a lack of management of large green areas。In many cases, only the maintenance and management of the later stage of green construction can not keep up, resulting in a low survival rate, and then it will be re-planned and re-planted, so the cycle will make large funds and resources will be wasted。

  3.Garden greening maintenance management countermeasures

  (1) Enhance the public's awareness of protecting and loving green

  Landscaping maintenance management only rely on the government, landscaping maintenance personnel is not enough, landscaping maintenance is for the entire county people to serve, therefore, also need the cooperation of citizens。Through the establishment of warning boards, signs, the use of various ways to promote green protection, enhance the ecological consciousness of people and nature and get along。The use of radio, television, newspapers and the Internet and other media publicity reports to arouse the attention of the people to ecological construction, to participate in greening and beautifying the environment, to create a green home。At the same time, we should strengthen legal education and strive to improve citizens' legal consciousness。


  (2) Strengthen the construction of garden teams and cultivate the innovative consciousness of garden greening management and maintenance

  The key to the success of landscaping construction includes the overall quality of landscaping planning and design personnel。Planning is the basis of landscaping,Planning and design do not have good factors,So the garden green space that will be built in the future will not be any better ,所以,We must strengthen the construction of garden personnel,It is necessary to organize the training and re-learning of garden green space planning and design personnel regularly,It is helpful for them to accept new knowledge and improve their professional level。Innovation is the driving force of development, and innovation can only be achieved with sufficient knowledge base。Landscaping enterprises regularly provide relevant training to the personnel of greening maintenance management, so that they can clearly understand the new technology and new trend of maintenance, and effectively improve their theoretical cognitive ability。Let the enterprise staff always establish the concept of safety first, master the safety technology on the basis of implementation into the actual work。In addition, the relevant personnel should also carry out the guidance of garden plant protection technology, so that the staff can understand the common diseases and pests, and improve their maintenance professional skills。Encourage managers to innovate and practice, so as to be able to solve practical problems in green maintenance。

  Landscaping is closely related to people's lives, and maintenance and management are very important in garden construction。With the development and progress of society, higher requirements are also put forward for the conservation and management of gardens。Landscaping maintenance and management is a long-term and systematic project。Therefore, the problems existing in the maintenance and management of landscaping must be improved, and on the basis of the current achievements, continuous innovation is carried out to establish an advanced management mechanism, so as to make the maintenance and management of landscaping play its application role。



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